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There are many steps to planning a funeral for a loved one, and one of the most poignant ways to add a personalised touch to a service or memorial is with flowers. In addition to their beauty, many flowers carry their own unique meaning or emotion. This is especially important when deciding which flowers you choose when saying farewell to someone you love.


Below are some of the most requested funeral tributes.

If you have an idea for a floral tribute and would like to see if it can be created, please give me a call on 07866 636707 or 0748 322 0690 for a discussion or complete the Contact form and I will get back to you as soon as possible.


Casket Sprays

A casket spray is the main floral tribute that is placed on top of the coffin, usually ordered by immediate family members.

Casket Sprays
Hearts, Crosses & Wreaths

Hearts, Crosses and Wreaths

Heart Tributes

Sending a floral heart tribute to a funeral, makes a deep personal statement of the love and compassion felt by the immediate family or close friends.


Cross Tributes

Usually placed on top of a coffin as a reminder that Christians were marked with a cross in baptism.  The Cross has long been used as a religious symbol, its intersecting bars suggest interaction and relationship.

Decorated Caskets

Decorated Caskets



Funeral lettering is seen at most funerals and usually forms the centrepiece of the funeral tributes, usually sent by close family members. The letters usually spell out the either the name or relationship of the deceased, i.e. Mum, Dad, Brother or Sister. Or names/nicknames that the deceased may have been fondly known by.

Price: £45 per letter.

Ribbons & Scrolls

Personalised ribbon can be attached to any design at an additional cost of £6.50.